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If you’re missing one or several teeth, speaking or chewing food may be more difficult. You may also suffer from a lack of confidence or an imbalanced bite.  At Beechmont Smiles, we can design a permanent bridge to restore your smile.  A dental bridge fills the gap, corrects your bite, prevents teeth from shifting, improves speaking and chewing, and enhances your smile.  

What is a dental bridge?


A bridge consists of two or more permanent dental crowns, called abutments, attached to teeth on either side of a space. Abutments support replacement teeth between them, called pontics. Natural-appearing materials, such as ceramic or porcelain, are custom-made and fitted for each area. Bridges are permanently cemented on the abutment teeth to restore the look and function of your smile.


After the abutments teeth are precisely shaped, Dr. Maney takes an impression of your mouth and sends it to highly-trained technicians. They make your custom bridge, and you wear a temporary version until it’s ready in 2-3 weeks. Then, Dr. Maney permanently fits and cements your bridge into place. 


If your bridge needs extra support, we may recommend dental implants to put your smile back together. Dr. Maney evaluates each case for the solutions that provide the best long-term results.  


Why do I need a dental bridge?

A dental bridge produces a cosmetic upgrade, but more benefits follow. If you’ve lost teeth from an accident, gum disease, dental decay, or injury, your bite may not function properly. This imbalance can lead to stress on the jaw and remaining teeth.


When teeth are missing, surrounding teeth move into the vacant space. Upper teeth slowly move into the space left by lower missing teeth, and vice versa.  The teeth adjacent to the space move into the neighboring open area. This migration can lead to pain since more stress now occurs on the jaw joints and teeth. Also, displaced teeth may be more susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay.


Jawbone shrinkage often occurs where a tooth or several teeth are missing. The internal structure of the jawbone supports the cheeks and lips, and overall facial appearance. Without your teeth to reinforce the overlying soft tissue, your face may change in appearance.  A dental bridge can restore a more youthful appearance.


How do I take care of a dental bridge?


​Your bridge is an investment, and you should do your best to maintain it, so it lasts as long as possible. Luckily, taking care of a bridge is not much different than caring for your natural teeth!

Just like natural teeth, a bridge will need to be brushed and flossed regularly. Our dental providers will demonstrate how to care for your bridge correctly.  The material used to make a bridge itself cannot develop cavities, but the teeth holding the bridge in place can. If those teeth begin to decay, the stability and look of the dental bridge may become compromised. Brushing, flossing, and going to the dentist for your regularly scheduled hygiene appointments will help ensure your bridge and teeth stay healthy!  


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